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The Sounds at the Union farmers market

Union Center SID is bringing more talent and local artists to our Farmers Market stage. On a bi-weekly schedule this year The Sounds will feature various genres throughout the market season from 4pm to 8pm.

Tru Sol June 21.jpg

Tru-Sol | june 21st

In a time where R&B has lost its soulful edge, comes TruSoL, a male quartet group representing Jersey City, NJ. Harnessing both soulful and gospel backgrounds, their Captivating Melodies, Sweet Harmonies, Unforgettable Lyrics and Amazing Sound, is refreshing and brings back to the forefront good music the way it should be. 

Matthew Runciman July 5.jpg

Matthew Runciman | July 5th

An English born and American raised Canadian citizens, over the past 3 years he has toured sustainably throughout much of the US. Now based temporarily on the East Coast, he is piecing together his first full length solo effort with the help of some good friends and memorable evenings.

Richie Olivera July 19.jpg

Richie Olivera | July 19

A Peruvian musician who plays instrumental music with native South American instruments, Richie, started his music education when he was 12 years old. His repertoire consists of very diverse music; anything from traditional Andes music to the Beatles and world music. 

Check back every week for updates on upcoming bands!